Top 10 Facts about Football

Top 10 Facts For Football

Football could be a family of team sports that involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ball to attain a goal. Unqualified, the word soccer usually suggests that the shape of soccer that’s the foremost fashionable wherever the word is employed.


1. Football is known as Cuju.

The earliest evidence for an activity recognized a form of football is from 3rd century BC during the Han Dynasty in China. It was a simple ball game known as Cuju where the objective was to kick a leather ball through a small hole in a piece of cloth positioned a couple of meters above the ground. It was originally used and intended as a military exercise but the popularity of the game quickly spread among the upper class. Facts For Football.

2. Association Football = soccer.

As The Football Association was founded in London in 1863, the sport became officially known as Association Football.  This was done to distinguish Association Football from other variations of the game such as Rugby Football and Gaelic Football.  Association Football became “footer” or “soccer”. Often spelled with a “CK” at the time. So the word soccer comes from the abbreviation of the word association (assoc.) found in the full title of the sport Association Football.

3. A lightning strike.

Top 10 Facts about Football

In 1998 a match in the capital of the democratic republic of Congo was suddenly disrupted by a lightning strike. Now lightning strikes during football matches are not exactly unheard of, but this one was a unique case. Not only did half the players on the field die as a result of being struck by lightning. They were all from the same team. The other team remarkably left the match completely unharmed.

4. The highest scoreline of all time is 149-0.

The record for the highest scoreline of all time in professional football occurred in 2002 in Madagascar and ended with a score of 149-0. However, the reason for this absurd amount of goals was that the players of the losing team kept on kicking the ball into their own goal. They did this as a protest against a referee decision. The previous record occurred in 1885, with a scoreline of 36-0.the reason for the high score counts was because of the team’s skill level is incredibly mismatched Facts For Football

5. The biggest upsets in football history: “Maracanazo”.

Top 10 Facts about Football

the 1950 FIFA World Cup hosted in Brazil. In the finals, it was Brazil up against Uruguay.  The organizers of the event had even prepared a speech for when Brazil ultimately won. To everyone surprise, Brazil lost the match with a final score of 2-1, resulting in one of the biggest upsets in football history. So much so that some fans actually committed suicide by throwing themselves off the stands at the stadium. Brazilian newspapers and radio hosts even tried to ignore or deny the fact that they had been defeated. The entire thing has become known as “Maracanazo” after the name of the stadium.

6. The Football War.

In 1969, Honduras and El Salvador met during the qualification rounds for the upcoming World Cup.  a play-off match took place which ended with El Salvador as the winner with a score of 3-2. Now, these two nations were not exactly friends. Issues over land reform, immigration, and demographic problems were all rampant long before these games ever took place. So when El Salvador won the final game, Hondurans began assaulting and harassing Salvadoran immigrants all across the country as a sort of retaliation for losing the game. El Salvador launched an attack on the nation only two weeks after the final match. The war lasted for 4 days until a cease-fire was signed, at which point more than 2000people had died. Because of this, it’s become known as The Football War.

7. The oldest football ball.

Top 10 Facts about Football

Still in existence was found during an excavation project at Stirling Castle in Scotland. It’s believed to be around 450 years old and is made out of a pigs bladder and cow leather. This is the Facts For Football.

8. the Mexican player Javier Hernández.

Whenever the Mexican player Javier Hernández plays a match, crime rates in Mexico actually drop significantly. Mexican police have discovered that criminals across the country take a break from criminal activities to watch this national hero play a match. Crimes like carjackings, muggings, and robberies all have a noticeable drop whenever he’s on TV. Not only that but his appearance in a match even increases Mexico’s birth rates.

9. “The Battle of Santiago”.

Top 10 Facts about Football

During the 1962 FIFA World Cup, a game between child and Italy became infamously known as “The Battle of Santiago”. The first attack happening only 12 seconds after the match began and later in the game one player even performed a dropkick-style maneuver.  As a direct result of this violent match, Ken Aston later introduced the idea of using yellow and red cards as a means of penalizing a player. Apparently, the idea came to him as he drove down a street and saw the green, yellow, and red traffic lights.

10. height of a solid crossbar.

In 1863, the newly formed Football Association in England stated that the goalposts for a goal should be 24 feet (7.32 m) apart. A rule which still stands to this day. The height was usually indicated by a string between the two posts but could theoretically be limitless. It wasn’t until 1882 that a solid crossbar was required at a height of 8 feet (2.44 m). Which remains true to this day. it is still not a requirement for a goal in Association Football to have a net.

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