Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About 2014

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About 2014

2014 (MMXIV) was a typical year beginning on a weekday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2014th year of the era (CE) and A.D. designations, the fourteenth year of the third millennium, the fourteenth year of the twenty-first century, and therefore the fifth year of the 2010s decade.

1.Missing Flight 370.

10 facts about 2014

On March 8, air traffic control in Malaysia lost contact with Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Neither the crew nor the aircraft communication systems relayed a distress signal, an indication of bad weather, or technical problems. Radar data later revealed that after losing contact, the aircraft deviated from its flight path before flying out of range and vanishing without a trace. Of course, soon after its disappearance, a multi-national search effort began and even continues to this very day. These are the Interesting Facts About 2014

2. Yanukovych fled the country on February 21.

2014 also the year of the Ukrainian revolution, quickly follow the still ongoing Crimean crisis. In December 2013, then Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych signed a treaty and multi-billion dollar loan with Russia. This sparked civil unrest within the Ukrainian public and a revolution soon followed. After increasingly violent clashes between the protestors and law enforcement, Yanukovych fled the country on February 21. The very next day, the Ukrainian parliament officially removed him from power and appointed a new, temporary president.

3. In 2014 18000 new species discovered.

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About 2014

Eighteen-thousand new species have been discover this year. For example, this new creature called ‘olinguito’ lives up in trees in Columbia and Ecuador. This skeleton shrimp found off the coast of southern California. The leaf-tailed gecko was found in Australia and this odd-looking snail was found living in complete darkness inside caves in Croatia. These are Most Interesting Facts About 2014

4. Anniversary of Most dangerous things happen.

As with any year, 2014 marks several anniversaries and milestones. Ten years ago, Facebook, the operating system Ubuntu, Half-Life 2, Halo 2, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and World of Warcraft were all released. Twenty-five years ago, the Berlin Wall was destroyed. Seventy-five years ago, World War II began in 1939. One hundred years ago, the first World War began. Feels like yesterday.

5. Year of a major epidemic “Ebola”.

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About 2014Image by kone kassoum from Pixabay 

2014 was unfortunately the year of a major epidemic. I’m, of course, talking about Ebola. It started in December of 2013 in several West African countries and has so far has been mostly contained within that region. There’s only been a few cases in other countries, such as four people in the U.S. and one in Spain. The World Health Organization estimates that around 20,000 people have been infected so far with a case fatality rate of 70 percent. However, given how these are very underdeveloped countries, it’s likely that these numbers are even higher. This is Facts About 2014.

6. One of the most viral events “The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge became one of the most viral events in 2014. In fact, it was the fifth most-searched thing on Google this year, and famous actors, music artists, athletes, and all kinds of people took part in it. But, of course, it’s not the only thing that went viral. Other popular trends and memes include Flappy Bird, Frozen, and the song.

7. The terrorist group “ISIS”

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About 2014

2014 was a brutal year for Iraq and Syria, as the terrorist group calling itself “ISIS” gained momentum and captured territory throughout the region, killing thousands along the way. The group posted online videos of beheadings with two American journalists being among those executed. Currently, over 60 countries are directly or indirectly waging war against ISIS. These are Most Interesting Facts About 2014.

8. Columbia Pictures went ahead with the release of  “The Interview”.

Sony, North Korea, and basically the whole Internet went batshit insane over a movie. It all began in June when North Korea threatened to take action if Columbia Pictures went ahead with the release of “The Interview,” a comedy about two guys attempting to assassinate the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. In November, a group is known as “The Guardians of Peace,” who may or may not have connections to North Korea hacked Sony and demanded “The Interview” not to be released. They also threatened to attack theaters screening the movie.

9. Artificial intelligence has become a lot more intelligent in 2014.

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About 2014Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

One of the more remarkable examples is Google’s new technology that can actually describe an image. Just like a human would, this A.I. software can “look” at an image and fairly accurately describe it using coherent synthesis. And you know these images with random characters you sometimes have to fill out to check that you are not a bot? Well, Google can now solve these with 99 percent accuracy, practically making them obsolete. These is Most Interesting Facts About 2014

10. The space industry increases.

A lot of things happened this year, some were tragic, others were awesome, but, in my opinion, there’s been one thing that’s really stood out this year. The space industry. For the first time ever, mankind landed a spacecraft on a comet. The spacecraft “Rosetta” was launched by the ESA in 2004 and took over 10 years to reach its destination. And while this is an astonishing feat all by itself, the path it took to get there is absolutely amazing. J-j-just looks at this for a few seconds

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